“Delivering World-Class Marketing & Communication Across Africa”

What We do
We are a marketing & communications company that constantly pioneers the cause of innovative communication by delivering strategic, interactive & engagement focused solutions across a broad range of media to brands and businesses. We do what we do by exploring & exploiting existing & emerging media for communication and leveraging technology to deliver effective communication.

Who we are
The Sodium team understands deadlines and never compromise on quality or creativity, even as we remain conscious of client’s budget.


Our Mission
”We create value by bringing ideas to life in a tangible way.”

Our Vision
“To be the most cut throat solutions provider in Africa.”

Our Philosophy
Today, the competitive edge belongs to those brave enough to resist the usual – those who have the expertise to think outside the box, those with the passion to bring to live their creative thinking that will positively impact on people, clients, and the industry.‘Our philosophy is to win the future race and winning the race means skipping the usual. Our core focus is growing brands and our only true success is our clients’ success’.

Who we have worked with

Seeing our clients happy is the best award for us.


Conversion is our Prime Focus


Selling through the Clutter
Brands are getting desperate, cannibalizing into each other’s space (It’s OK, they all want to make sales). Brand Promo giveaways are getting bigger (and sometimes unbelievable). Customers are forsaking brand loyalty for quick wins (can’t blame them, they live in the now). Survival is dependent on engaging customer in their reality because everything else is clutter.


Insight Based
Pivotal to all our endeavours is insight that informs strategy. A good campaign is only as good as its strategic direction/ thrust. A result oriented team with focus on developing strategic solutions for clients to effectively communicate to their targets. Develop and build campaign to effectively reach masses, our team is diverse and multidisciplinary, so we bring a broader perspective to the table.


Out of The Box Designs
A full creative team, self-driven with the passion of manifesting visual representations into communication models that are effective. Our creative engineering embodies cognitive thinking and strategy to develop the appropriate mechanics that clients identify with. Every brand in today’s market needs cut through creative communication. Your brand needs to stand out, be remembered and associated with what the consumer loves and cares about. The brand must engage and resonate.


In this age of global trade, businesses need to advance beyond traditional methods and the solution is in DIGITAL.
DIGITAL STRATEGY We help you develop a winning strategy that maximizes your effectiveness while minimizing the time and money required to achieve your goals.
DIGITAL MARKETING We get results, whether you are looking for more website traffic, more leads, more sales, more social followers, and higher engagement rates, whatever your needs – we get it done. Guaranteed.


We create dynamic events and activations that serve to create winning brands in the market place as well as in the hearts and minds of the consumers. Our strength lies in helping accentuate the competitive edge of companies through their products and services. This helps them to constantly deliver extra value. However, this output must be delivered on time, within budget and must fulfil needs. With us, every winning idea must be delivered in a timely and cost efficient manner.


Our knowledge of consumer behaviour, local markets, products and pragmatic communication enables us to achieve set objectives through new channels of marketing and brand amplification. We are resourced with some of the best talents in the industry who have had major exposure and experience working on key briefs and assignments. Our core competence covers trade and channel development, channel management, experiential & mall theatre, promotional activation, PR, events and direct marketing and sales.